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About ICT Directorate

Emmanuel Opoku Debrah

The ICT Directorate was established in 2010 by the University council to build and improve a sustainable ICT infrastructure to support teaching, learning, and research in achieving the University’s vision of producing high-level, career-focused, and skilled manpower to support the country’s industrial growth.


To build and improve a sustainable ICT infrastructure to support teaching, learning, and research.

The ICT Directorate has five (5) Sections/Units namely;

1. Hardware Repairs and Maintenance

  • Responsible for Repairs, maintenance, and servicing of all computer systems, Printers, and Photocopiers of the University.
  • Offer technical user support for all users of the University computer systems

2. MIS and Support Services

  • Responsible for the Management of the University’s, Management Information Systems (MIS),  Students Information Portal (SIP), E-Learning System, and all DBMS (Database Management System) applications of the University.
  • Support lecturers and students on the use of digital e-learning platforms and the use of all the university’s online applications.

3. Web and Application Development

  • Responsible for the management of the University website and all web applications of the university.
  • Development of new systems, updates, and upgrades of existing systems.
  • This section works hand-in-hand with the MIS and Support Services Unit.

4. Networking and Communication

  • responsible for designing, implementing, monitoring, and managing the local and wide area networks of the University to ensure maximum uptime for users.
  • designing system configurations, documenting and managing the installation of a new network, and maintaining and upgrading existing systems as necessary.

5. Multimedia Services

  • responsible for creating multimedia designs, video documentaries,  multimedia presentations, animations, and graphics to the University’s website.
  • responsible for the Public Address (PA) systems for teaching and learning and events such as graduations, university gatherings, etc.

ICT Directorate Responsibilities 

The responsibilities of the ICT Directorate include;

  • directing and managing computing and information technology strategic plans,
    policies, programmes, and schedules for academic and finance data processing,
    computer services, network communications, and management information
    services to accomplish the goals and objectives of the University.
  • establishing the University infrastructure to support and guide individual
    divisions/faculties/departments/campuses in computing and information
    technology efforts.
  • assessing new computing technologies to determine the potential value for the
  • identifying, emerging information technologies to be assimilated, integrated and
    introduced within the University.
  • overseeing the development, design, and implementation of new applications and
    changes to existing computer systems and software packages;
    (o) the development, review, and certification of all backup and disaster recovery
    procedures and plans.
  • designing and facilitating integrated and sound IT architecture for the University.
  • improvement in teaching delivery and aided technologies.
  • developing and maintaining, and facilitating the implementation of a sound and
    integrating IT architecture.
  • directing the information and data integrity of the University and its business
  • developing strategic plans and implementing the objectives of the information
    technology needs of the university to ensure the computer capabilities are
    responsive to the needs of the University’s growth and objectives.
  • developing and establishing operating policies and approaches for computing and
    information technology.
  • evaluating overall operations of computing and information technology functions
    and recommending enhancements.


  Name Position /Rank
1 Emmanuel Opoku Debrah Director – ICT
2 Alfred Akuffo-Mante Junior Assistant ICT Officer
3 Charles Asamoah Karikari Junior Assistant ICT Officer (Head – MIS and Support Services)
4 Florence Agyeiwaa Junior Assistant ICT Officer
5 Edward Godwill Ofosuapea Chief ICT Assistant (Head – Multimedia Services)
6 Emmanuel Eric Kakraba Chief ICT Assistant
7 Albert Fiifi Kumi Chief ICT Assistant (Head – Hardware Repairs and  Maintenance)
8 Duncan Glavee Principal ICT Assistant
9 Emmanuel Baffour Okyere Principal ICT Assistant (Head – Networking and Communication)
10 Bernard Ifaar Sundiata Principal ICT Assistant (Webmaster)
11 Stephen Asamoah Boateng Senior ICT Assistant
12 Martey Francis Senior ICT Assistant
13 McLutterodt Tawiah Senior ICT Assistant
14 Patrick Otu-Akwa Senior ICT Assistant
15 Solomon Okai Bosompem Senior ICT Assistant
16 Paul Antwi Senior ICT Assistant
17 Stephen Agyei Frimpong ICT Assistant
18 Bernard Kweku Nyarko Senior ICT Clerk