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The growing rate of youth unemployment demands that we awaken the entrepreneurial acumen in the youth. The purpose of the CEID is to bridge the gap between theory and practice thus equipping the youth with employable skills in various trades and vocations to enable them to create their own business enterprises. CEID has designed gender-sensitive training modules for the economic and social independence of participants. The Centre shall also serve as a training and skill upgrade Centre for practicing artisans and craftsmen/women. The duration for the various modules ranges between 4 and 14 weeks.

The Centre shall serve as a business incubator for many budding entrepreneurs. It will provide students in the Polytechnic, SMEs, and start-ups with the nurturing environment needed to create, develop and grow their businesses. The Centre offers everything from practical knowledge and skills in business development and management to the acquisition of practical skills in various trades. The Centre also provides business opportunities for potential and existing entrepreneurs to network and benefit from the various support systems, equipping them adequately to grow their business enterprises.

Modules Offered at CEID

  1. Production/ Manufacturing Module
  • Fashion Designing
  • Decoration and Event Management
  • Beads and Jewelry Making
  • Liquid Soap Making
  • Cake Making
  • Leather Work
  • Fish Processing
  • Fruit Juice Processing
  1. Agriculture Module
  • Fish farming
  • Poultry
  • Mushroom farming
  • Grass cutter rearing
  • Bee Keeping
  1. ICT/Automotive technology Module
  • Mobile phone repairs
  • Photography and Motion Pictures
  • Web Page Development
  • Computer Programming
  • Automotive Diagnostics and Servicing
  1. Business Development and Management Module
  • Business plan development
  • Financial plan development
  • Strategic marketing plan development
  • Assistance in business registration
  • Customer service


  • Students (tertiary students /tertiary students graduates/ high school graduates)
  • Artisans and Craftsmen.
  • SMEs Operators.
  • Owners of other entrepreneurial ventures

Benefits of CEID

  • Beneficiaries shall be equipped with hands-on practical training in their chosen fields
  • Participants shall possess relevant skills to identify and explore business opportunities
  • Assistance shall be provided to participants to set up a start-up business
  • Opportunities for beneficiaries to partner and set up their own business
  • Serve as a platform for artisans, craftsmen, SMEs, and other private and cooperate entrepreneurial and business ventures to refine/upgrade their skills for their business development.
  • CEID shall result in the setting up of a first-class business incubation centre in Ghana
  • Organisations that provide assistance to CEID will be fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Koforidua Polytechnic shall name various projects in the Centre after their Project sponsors.


Expected sources of funding for the project include:

  • Internally Generated Funds.
  • Fees are paid by non-students who train at the Centre.
  • Consultancy fees are charged to SMEs and industries.
  • External support (Grants, donations, sponsorships).
  • Income from the sales of CEID’s outputs.


Koforidua Polytechnic is adopting creative and innovative ideas, in order to find cutting-edge solutions to societal problems. The setting up of CEID is a very important item on this agenda. Your sponsorship is critical for the success of the CEID and we believe you will be proud to be associated with this success.

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Mrs. Bernice Gligah

Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development
Koforidua Technical University
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Mr. Franklin Dodzi Odoom

Ag. Business Development Manager
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