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The Quality Assurance Directorate is a division under the Vice-Chancellor’s Office. It is managed by a director and a deputy director (in charge of administration). The QAD has two sectional units namely: the Monitoring and Operations section and the Evaluation and Research section.

The monitoring and operations section

  • Collects data on teaching, non-teaching staff, and students for evaluation and analysis.
  • Monitors end-of-semester examinations.
  • Monitors unethical conducts/behaviors of staff/ students and provides periodic reports
  • Organizes class representative meetings on a semester basis to ascertain challenges and create pathways for improvements.
  • Conducts Students’ Evaluation of Courses (SEC) and Students’ Evaluation of Teaching (SET) every semester.
  • Examines and advises on teaching loads of lecturers per semester.
  • Manages information about the institution’s portfolio of courses and programs
  • Ensures that the academic calendar is adhered to at all times.
  • Prepares quarterly reports
  • Performs all other tasks that fall under monitoring and operation.

Evaluation, Research & Statistical Section

  • Conducts surveys on academic and administrative departments on various issues
  • Analyses data on students, teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Prepares statistical analysis and reports of lecturers’ appraisals.
  • Evaluates all programs and activities undertaken by the university
  • Prepares research portfolio of lecturers in the various departments
  • Liaises with alumni to conduct tracer studies on past students of the university.
  • Prepare quarterly report
  • Performs all other tasks that fall under research and evaluation.

 Other Activities

  • Accreditation: The office is involved in the accreditation processes of all programmes of the University.
  • Staff and Students Surveys: The office undertakes surveys on a wide range of issues relating to teaching, learning, and research involving staff and students.
  • Program and course evaluations: The QAD evaluates all programs and courses offered by the university.
  • Complaints investigations: The directorate is key in addressing quality issues. It receives complaints from staff and students on work/study-related issues such as abuse, conditions for teaching and learning, etc.
  • Certificate verification for staff and the student: The directorate verifies certificates of both staff and students to ensure applicants who present fake certificates are dealt with according to the law.
  • Seminars: The QAD organises seminars and workshops for staff and students on work and quality-related issues.
  • Annual Performance reviews of staff: The directorate carries out annual performance appraisal of all academic staff by collating their teaching, research outputs, community service, among others.
  • Student Satisfaction Surveys: These surveys measure the university’s responsiveness to academic and social issues bothering students.


Location: 2nd Floor, Faculty of Engineering Block

Telephone No.: +233(030)-396-6155

Email address: quality.assurance@ktu.edu.gh