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Welcome to Koforidua Technical University where excellence is nurtured, pursued, and celebrated as we work to create positive change for a better world.

Since its inception in 1997, the Koforidua Technical University (KTU) (formerly Koforidua Polytechnic) has become a Centre of excellence in teaching, applied research, and community development.

KTU is a unique community of outstanding staff and students dedicated to bringing out the best for national development. We provide a conducive environment for teaching, learning, and research for faculty members and students.

The Office of the Vice-Chancellor is next to Council in the chain of command of the University.  The Vice-Chancellor is the academic and administrative head and chief disciplinary officer of the University.  As the Chief Executive of the University, the Vice-Chancellor is responsible to the Council for maintaining order and ensuring the efficient administration of the University.

The academic and administrative offices below report directly to the Vice-Chancellor:

  • Quality Assurance Directorate
  • Research and Innovative Directorate
  • International Relations & Institutional Linkages Directorate
  • Internal Audit Directorate
  • Works Directorate
  • Planning Office
  • Procurement Office
  • Business Development Centre

Vice-Chancellor’s Vision

The vision of KTU is “to be a reference point for world-class science and technology education and applied research” in order to provide technical education through the development of career-focus skills in collaboration with industry

To achieve these set goals, the following are my vision to lead me to the realization of the KTU vision;

  • Capacity building and staff development
    • Upgrading of academic staff to satisfy the required qualification
    • Training of non-teaching staff
    • Set up a research support unit to sharpen the research capabilities of staff
  • Enhance the Visibility of KTU
    • Internationalize KTU through staff and student exchanges
    • Attract international staff and students
    • Publish research papers through high-impact outlet
    • Grant written
    • Improve and sustain ICT use
  • Infrastructure Development
    • Improve classrooms, workshops, and laboratory facilities to ensure a good learning environment
    • Provision of workshop and laboratory equipment to ensure hands-on learning
    • Provide Basic Schools for staff and students
    • Strengthen and develop old and new programs
    • Provision of staff and student accommodation
    • Build on ICT infrastructure for teaching, learning, and research
    • Pursue distance education
  • Income Generation
    • Develop product
    • Create Study centers for week-end students outside Koforidua
    • Put KTU lands to generate income
    • Position our laboratories to run analyses for GSA and FDB
    • Run short courses
    • Approach cooperate and individuals for support
    • Grant writing