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Overall Objective

Train and form human beings and care out from violence.

Specific Objectives

  • Establish different cultural, social, and economic, excursions to a better understanding, Organize sports and arts, etc. workshops to enable young people to express a sense of creativity and also promote the encounter between youth camps.
  • Promote the personal development of youth through meetings, and social activities to help young people to participate in the social life of their community.
  • Create a square shape of youth in order to unify the local and international youth in their core values
  • Participate in the cultural and moral development of young people from 2 to 25 years old.
  • Develop ideas of humanism among young people in high schools, colleges, universities, etc. in order to adapt to the realities of these. Better is to paint the realities of the African continent, especially Ghana, and enhance the proportion of the agricultural population solving the instability of markets.
  • Enhance the high proportion of the agricultural population in the cassava sector organization, plantain, and other, improving agriculture techniques, solving the instability of markets.
  • Promoting the existence of primary schools and colleges by building equipment and maintenance of the schools and colleges, and by advocating for the availability of qualified teachers.
  • Reducing the proliferation of certain diseases by creating community centers, their attendance, biomedical waste management, promotion of hygiene and sanitation activities, and improving food security.
  • Organizing the third age people for cultural and sports activities and promoting the participation of women in public decisions.
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability.
  • Developing and making an operational framework of dialogue.
    Networking and partnership with local and international organizations in a good relationship.


Center of Cultures
CENTER OF CULTURES (COC) is a NON-PROFIT organization with the ideas of the international Humanist Movement (new humanism). It promotes simultaneous change in society and individuals through the studies and activities facilitating transformation. It is intended as a means of self-expression for young people to move forward. Through the activities of non-violence, it helps individuals to have social projects to adapt to reality at the local and international levels.