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The Business Development Centre was set up in April 2007 to raise and generate funds to supplement government subvention to help reposition the University as a first-class tertiary institution in the Eastern Region. The Centre was incorporated under the company’s code 1967 in April 2007 to perform among other things:

  • Business and Management  Consultancy Services
  • Training, Workshops, and Seminars
  • Information & Communication Technology Consulting
  • Civil Engineering Consulting
  • Auto Servicing
  • Processing and Sale of Food and Drinks
  • Printing and Binding
  • Distribution and Retail of General Goods

Our mission is to generate and raise money for Koforidua Technical University to supplement government subvention and to identify companies and organisations (local & foreign) that can assist the University through strategic partnerships.

We want to establish ourselves as the leading Management and Business Consulting firm in the Eastern Region and one of the best in the country. We also aspire to create a practical management and business platform to train our students before they graduate.

Identify and exploit business opportunities that could be undertaken using our existing resources thus raising income for Koforidua Technical University.

  • To raise capital (in the form of money, skills and technology) from both local and foreign institutions, donors and benevolent organisations to support Koforidua Technical University.
  • Source for companies and organisations to assist the University in other areas other than financial considerations.
  • To generate business information and data to be processed for research and training by our academic departments. MANAGEMENT OF THE CENTRE
  • Mr. Franklin Dodzi Odoom
    Ag. Business Development Manager
    BA (Hons) Econs & Geog.

The centre now has three (3) units under it supervision and management.
A sachet water Production Department (Clear Water – operational)
Automotive Workshop (operational)
Driver Training School (Setting up/Advertisement)


Car Mechanic Workshop (Commercial Auto Workshop)
We undertake the following services at our auto centre to the general public:
Diagnosis of faults
Inspection and scanning
General vehicle repair and servicing
Petrol and diesel engine servicing
Petrol and diesel engine management
Steering and suspension systems
Electrical system servicing
Chassis and Braking Systems Work
Tyre Balancing and alignment
Air-condition Maintenance

Processing and Sale of Food and Drink
Production and Sales of Sachet water (Clearwater)

Driver Training School
Train students and the general public to drive
Process our trainees to acquire valid Ghanaian driver’s licenses

  • Management and Business Consultancy Services
  • Preparation of Business Plans & Proposals
  • Tax Education
  • Financial Statement
  • Product & Business Development
  • Business Advisory
  • Management Training
  • Staff Training
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Data Collection
  • Market Research
  • Procurement
  • Hospitality Services
  • Logistics Management
  • Waste Management
  • Event Management

Civil Engineering
Structural Designs & Drawings
Architectural Designs & Drawings
Preparation of Bill of Quantities
Estimation of Building & Civil
Engineering Works

Information Communication Technology (ICT)
Microsoft Office Application
Database Development
Website Development
Software Development
Information Systems Management
Computer Maintenance and Repairs

Contact Us

Rev. Bright Gyamfi
Automotive Engineering
Koforidua Technical University
P.O. BOX KF 981

Telephone:    (+233)3420 94208 / (+233)3420 22890 / (+233)3420 24993
Fax:              (+233)3420 24179
Email:           gyamfi.bright@ktu.edu.gh
24hr Hotline: (+233) 0244446920