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Contact Information

  • Position Title: Administrative Assistant (PR/Protocol)
  • Personal Title: Ms.
  • Location: Koforidua
  • E-mail address: narki.offei-nyakor@ktu.edu.gh


Narki Offei-Nyakor (Ms.)

Narki is an Administrative Assistant with 5 years of experience, providing administrative support to Koforidua Technical University whose interest seeks to find out the readiness of administrators to accept change as with regards to Technology. As technology continues to expand in offices across the nation, the office professional role has greatly evolved, which forces secretaries and administrative assistants to assume a wide range of new responsibilities and duties.

Academic Background

  • Bachelor of Technology in Secretaryship and Management Studies – Koforidua Technical University
  • HND in Secretaryship and Management Studies – Koforidua Polytechnic

Research Work

  • Assessing Secretaryship and Management Studies Student’s Knowledge about Their Job Opportunities after School
  • Adaptation of Electronic Records Management by Administrative Officers