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In a celebration of culinary talent and innovation, the United States of America Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) organized a two-day workshop which brought together esteemed chefs, culinary students, food enthusiasts, industry experts, and poultry stakeholders.

The event which was held at the prestigious Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra and was attended by 100 culinary students from technical universities across Ghana.

The aim of the event was to promote American poultry products while imparting valuable knowledge on culinary arts and poultry.

The Council (USAPEEC), demonstrated its commitment to nurturing culinary expertise and uplifting the hospitality industry in Ghana by allowing aspiring chefs to expand their culinary horizons.

The highlight of the event was the “National Cooking Competition for Technical Universities.” The top 10 students, selected based on their exceptional culinary talents and knowledge, were allowed to showcase their skills in a thrilling competition.

Koforidua Technical University emerged as the clear winner in the “Most Knowledgeable and Innovative” category. The University’s hospitality students impressed the judges with their creative approach to culinary arts and comprehensive understanding of poultry. Victoria Armah, a student from Koforidua Technical University was crowned the ultimate future chef. She and her Co Chef or Runner Anita Boni exhibited exceptional culinary skills and impressed the judges with her finesse and innovative techniques.

As a reward, she will be granted an enticing package, which includes an exclusive four-month culinary internship at Ghana’s premier five-star Hotel, the renowned Labadi Beach Hotel.

The event did not only celebrate the culinary talents of the participating students but also recognized exceptional leadership. Dr. Boakye Agyemang, the immediate past head of the Hospitality Department, was awarded the Most Outstanding HoD award for his exemplary leadership, dedication, and extraordinary contributions to the growth and success of the department.

The United States of America Poultry & Egg Export Council deserves commendation for its unwavering commitment to the culinary community in Ghana and its dedication to promoting American poultry products within the country.

Congratulations to Team KTU

Students Chef’s
Victoria Armah – Main Chef
Anita Boni – Co Chef (Runner)

Groomers (Lecturers)
Mrs. Grace Owusu Gyasi
Mrs. Barbara Addo Kesse