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It is with great delight I welcome you all to the Matriculation Ceremony for the 2022/2023 academic session.  On behalf of the entire University Community, I want to welcome guests, parents, guardians, friends and well-wishers who are here to share the joy of this moment with the matriculating students. I congratulate all matriculating students on this occasion, more so when gaining admission into the University is not an easy achievement.

This morning’s Matriculation Ceremony is an important event and an auspicious occasion which offers fresh men and women alike, the opportunity to embark on a unique life experience as students of this great University, mandated to train critical skills needed to support the country’s industrial growth and thus advance the middle-level manpower development of the country.

I welcome you all, most heartily to this august occasion that marks the official entry of every student into higher institution of learning. It is significant because it is a statutory gathering to formally admit deserving and qualified candidates who are fortunate to be offered admission into this noble University. Why should the matriculating students of today count themselves fortunate? Although we try to take as many students as possible, we are not able to take all those that apply; and so, selection is always competitive. Therefore, you deserve to be congratulated for gaining admission into this institution. You beat the competition and you should be justifiably proud of yourselves.


For the 2022/2023 academic year, the University received a total of 5,295 applications for admission into our regular and weekend programmes. Out of this number, the University was able to offer admission to 5,143 applicants. Out of the number of applicants offered admission, 3,729 representing an acceptance rate of 75% have registered, bringing the total student population to 8,719.


Registration is the first step of actualizing your admission into the University.  By now, most of you are supposed to have completed or are about completing the registration exercise.  It is hoped that you will all conclude soonest.  You are not a student until you are fully registered and there is a time limit for the registration exercise.  Once you are not fully registered, you are not a bonafide student of the University.

Any fresh student who encounters any challenge in the course of the registration, should not hesitate to seek for assistance from the Registration Officer in the Academic Office or Office of the Dean of Faculty or Head of Department.

May I also warn you to be conscious of scammers who are in the habit of deceiving unsuspecting fresh students to part with their monies and possessions all in the name of rendering assistance.


Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

The University currently runs (21) degree and nineteen (19) HND in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related programmes as well as business programmes.

The programmes we offer here are more practically-oriented than ever before, and we will maintain a critical level of monitoring and evaluation. I pledge, on behalf of my able Governing Council, my Management Team, and my Faculty that we shall always be guided by the highest values of Professional Excellence, Self Confidence, Academic and Professional Honesty, Prudence, and Belief in the Ability of the African to Achieve.


Students are encouraged to attend lectures and at the appointed time as well. A minimum attendance of 25% is required for you to be allowed into examination halls. Continuous Assessment constitutes the basis of your examination.  Therefore, it must be taken with all seriousness as it forms 40% of your examination.


Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

Permit me to briefly dwell on the significance of this ceremony.  Matriculation is indeed an important ceremony in the life of every tertiary institution, all over the world.  It is a day set aside to consummate the process of admitting students into tertiary institutions.  On this occasion, fresh students are made to take oath of allegiance to pledge their commitment to obey authority and to dedicate themselves to a peaceful living as members of the University Community.

In other words, matriculation confers on the participating candidates, full membership of the institution having fulfilled all necessary requirements.  Flowing from this, every matriculated student is entitled to all rights and privileges recognised by the University authority.  Such rights include, but not limited to: inclusion of the students in the University register, obtaining the university identity card, right to access information in the library, representing the University at different fora, participation in students’ union activities and enjoyment of all other available teaching and learning facilities in the University.


Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

It has been said that globalization is about building partnerships and in this knowledge age, knowledge generation is not confined to only the universities but includes industry and other organisations. Therefore, it is important that Koforidua Technical University (KTU) establishes linkages with institutions and other bodies. In line with this, the University has partnered with several institutions to share ideas, provide platform for student and staff exchange as well as serve as practical training grounds for our students for the mutual benefit of industry and the University.

Our international collaborators include Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences, Dusseldorf University of Applied Sciences, Technische Hoschschule Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences (THM), Regensburg Technical University (OTH), SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Fulda University of Applied Sciences, all in Germany, McGill University, Canada, Amity University, India, University of Electronic Science of China, Kenyatta University, Kenya, Konyang Cyber University, South Korea, among others.

Our local partners include Statistical Service, Koforidua Regional Hospital, Biogas Technologies Africa Ltd., GRIDCO, GHACEM, Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Glico, Kasapreko, among others.

Two students from the Renewable Energy System Department are currently in Dusseldorf for an Erasmus+ Exchange programme.

The University has continued to focus on her pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and service to society as enshrined in our vision “to be a reference point for world-class science and technology education and applied research,” and mission “to provide tertiary level technical education through the development of career-focused skills in collaboration with industry.” Once again, I welcome you to key into this vision and mission.


Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

In 2008, the University instituted a process to assist students to significantly reduce or eliminate financial barriers that might limit their access to education here. Through the Financial Aid Board (FAB) at the Counselling Unit, financial assistance is provided to brilliant but needy students and other qualified needy students, who, without such assistance, may not be able to meet their educational expenses. The University allocates Two Hundred and Thirty Thousand Cedis (GH¢200,000) annually to this noble cause. This aid is available in the form of partial and full scholarships, with an average of two hundred students (200) sponsored each year through the benevolence of individuals and corporate bodies.

I would like to salute all donors and encourage other corporate bodies and individuals to assist us to fund the education of students who would otherwise have to interrupt or terminate their studies. Students facing financial challenges are encouraged to apply for consideration for the various support schemes when they are advertised. The Financial Aid Board (FAB) is located at the University Counselling Unit.

Financial assistance is also available to students who need it from the Students’ Loan Trust Fund (SLTF), located at the Computer Science Block. You can contact the Students Loan Trust Fund to initiate the process of applying for the Students’ Loan. Being thoughtful of the plight of students, the University has made provision for students to pay 60% of their fees at the beginning of the first semester, and the remaining balance, prior to the beginning of the second semester.


Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

The University is poised to provide access to university education to as many qualified applicants as possible, but we are constrained due to inadequate academic and residential facilities for staff and students. I am happy to inform you that we are however making giant strides in infrastructural development. As you can see around, we are still making modest improvements in the area of infrastructure.


Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our Information Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure has witnessed some modest improvement over the past few years because of the massive infusion of investment resources into the project. We expect all freshmen to be computer literate before their graduation. To facilitate this, the University has made it possible for every student to have a Koforidua Technical University electronic mail address. The University will be acquiring more computers and will also be improving on internet connectivity to enable you use your electronic mail services and the internet to support your academic work.

Let me bring to your attention one of the interesting projects that has taken place in KTU over the last couple of years. We have installed a well-equipped state-of- the- art E-Library, which can provide access to many of the knowledge networks around the world, which is a necessary component of any research experience, and well-equipped laboratories to support teaching and research.


Owing to our concern for you to conduct your business in a serene environment, we have a well-disciplined security force in place. In spite of this, you still need to be security-conscious and avoid walking alone in obscure places at night. Do not also display valuables such as mobile phones and laptop computers. The University will do all that is within its means to protect you but please help us to do this by being a little more security-conscious.


Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since the list of programmes to be introduced at the degree and HND levels is inexhaustible, we hope to expose such avenues to reach our goals. Kindly permit me at this juncture, to express my gratitude to all stakeholders, who contributed to our success story. They are, the Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund), Ghana Tertiary Education Commission, (GTEC), Commission for Technical and Vocational Educational Training (CTVET), among others.


To you freshmen and women, I take this opportunity to formally congratulate and welcome you to Koforidua Technical University. It is my pleasure also to formally accept you as junior members of this University with the firm belief that you are not here because you were unable to get admission into the traditional universities, but that you opted for Technical Education as a matter of conviction and choice. You have accepted that Technical Education has a role to play in your lives and also help you to contribute to the development of your country. You are luckier than your predecessors because you are going to benefit from improved facilities throughout your period of study here.

My dear students, your presence here is a testimony of your ambition and determination to become somebody important in future and from this day going, you shall be ambassadors of this University. I hope you will associate your name in confidence with KTU and say it with pride. I therefore welcome you into the University where we train you to impact on the society with integrity and excellence, and congratulate you for choosing to study at KTU to enable you to achieve your ambition of becoming a skilled professional.

Your primary aim for coming here is to study and I urge you to channel your energies in that direction. Remember that you were admitted to the University as an individual and you will graduate as an individual. You are therefore solely responsible for all your actions. As you begin your studies, you are assured of a friendly academic environment where both teaching and non-teaching staff members are dedicated to preparing you for work in the future. The University has been working to achieve its mandate through a series of innovative and transformational processes in teaching and learning, among others, to turn out graduates with unquestionable output in the world of work.

The taking of the matriculation oath signifies your formal admission into the University as junior members “in statu populari” or junior members of students’ status. That means you are subject to the rules of Koforidua Technical University as they apply to junior members. As fresh students, it is expected that you will abide by all rules and regulations of this institution and participate in all activities of the University. You must be fully committed to your studies and justify your selection out of the thousands who wanted to come and study in this noble institution. The oath, therefore, enjoins you to respect and obey the rules and regulations of the University. In fact, all staff members of the University enjoys the status “in loco parentis that is members who serve in place of your parents and therefore should be respected.

The programmes you are enrolled in are unique and are designed to ensure that when you graduate from this University, you will be in a position to compete globally. Apart from your area of specialisation, you would be exposed to courses such as Communication Skills, Entrepreneurship, African Studies, among others to develop your capabilities and competencies to become functional in any environment you may find yourself. Please, I advise you to attach importance to every course you take in this University as they are designed to make you marketable intellectuals able to adapt to any work environment.

Dear Matriculants, as I bring my address to an end, I want to touch on ways in which you can make your stay in this University more enjoyable, and leave here fulfilled. You are required to eschew indiscipline if you are going to enjoy your stay in this University. You will be given a copy of the Students’ Handbook as part of this ceremony. Ensure that you are very conversant with its contents so that you do not allow yourselves to be misled by any person. Where you are in doubt, do not hesitate to seek help from either the Dean of Students, or any Senior Member of the University.

You need to continually remember that the distance between today’s ceremony and congregation ceremony is quite wide and it is important that the journey ends successfully. For this to happen, you need to be regular in attendance at lectures, carrying out all your assignments, shunning deviant behaviour and other vices that can expose you and others to danger. This University has zero tolerance for examination malpractices, cultism, any form of hooliganism and corruption and fraudulent acts and other nefarious activities which can mar your bright future.

I need to further advise you to show respect to your colleagues and staff in the University to make your stay fruitful and productive. Be modest and decent in your dressing and approach to issues. I am aware that during your orientation you were informed of the co-curricular activities available on campus. Please avail yourselves of these opportunities, not only to excel in learning but possibly to become our sports ambassadors. Please strive to uphold the ideals of the University.

In spite of dwindling resources, the University has managed to stay afloat to deliver goods and services to our students. We must continue to be prudent with, and make judicious use of our meager resources by blocking every possible leakage. Your role in prompt payment of fees and other charges would assist the University greatly in this direction.

As you were told during orientation, a good number of you, having come out of the near rudimentary lives at the Senior Secondary School level, may find the freedom granted at the tertiary level too much to manage. It is for you to manage your time profitably. No one is going to pursue you if you fail to attend lectures. However, if you fail to attend lectures consecutively for a number of times stipulated in your Handbook, you will lose your status as a student. You should be able to go through your courses successfully and justify the heavy investment made in you by your parents and the state.

Remember that you owe Ghana a duty to make good use of the resources made available to you by the tax payer. You are also urged to be good citizens and guests within the Koforidua Municipality.


My dear students and parents, I would like to assure you all in unequivocal terms that I am determined to uphold, protect and ensure the peaceful stay of all students in Koforidua Technical University. In welcoming you formally into Koforidua Technical University, I wish also to assure you that the authorities of the University will do everything within our power to make your stay here fruitful and enjoyable.

My final advice to you is that you should not just pass through the University, but also let the University pass through you. I wish you a happy and successful experience in Koforidua Technical University. May God richly bless you and support all your efforts while you are here.

Thank you.