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Pre-Registration Details:
1. Online Registration: Course registration will be conducted online through your student portal.
2. Self-Registration: The process is self-registration-based.
3. Faculty Assistance: Faculty Officers will be available to assist students during the process.
4. Student Services: Support from Student Services will be accessible through the Faculty Officers.
5. Login Credentials: Upon payment of fees, login details (Username and Password) will be automatically generated.

  • Accessing Login Details: Use the admission portal preview page. Login with admission serial and pin to retrieve details.
  • Username Format: firstnameindexnumber@ktu.edu.gh
  • Default Password: P@ass4ktu (change upon first login).

6. Additional Details: Information like index number, Hall, Programme offered, and entry level will be available in the student portal post fee payment.
7. No Registration Centres: Physical registration centres will not be available.
8. ICT Support Centre: Operational from 9am to 5pm on every working day at the ground floor of the computer science block to offer technical support.
9. No Hardcopy Files: There won’t be any hardcopy files created for students.

Registration Process:

  1. Pay a minimum of 60% of school fees.
  2. Visit the student’s portal: https://connect.ktu.edu.gh.
  3. Enter your institutional email and default password (P@ass4ktu) to log in.
  4. Complete the admission acceptance form by checking the Accept checkbox.
  5. Change the default password to your preferred password after the initial login.
  6. Go to the Menu bar and select the “Course Registration to choose courses.
  7. Use the “Add button to include the desired courses for the semester.
  8. Click the “Confirm” button to complete the registration.
  9. Check the registration history for a summary of confirmed courses to ensure successful registration.
  10. Print the registration confirmation slip for personal records (Not compulsory).


  1. Students facing registration problems should seek help from their faculty officers.
  2. Students are expected to visit the University Clinic from 20th January, 2024 to complete Medical Screening after which they will be issued with an ID Card by the ICT Directorate.