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It’s important to know that your email with @ktu.edu.gh is connected to the university’s KTU Connect and Milling system. Therefore, you must activate yours as soon as possible and ensure that you never miss any important university notice. Additionally, you’ll use it to access the University library services.

Step-By-Step Guide To Activating Your New Institutional Email Account.

There are 2 options you can use to activate the email.

Option 1, On Browser

  • Open a new tab on your browser, open Gmail Account and enter your institutional email account in full as e.g. EBENEZERB202220632@ktu.edu.gh in the space below
  • Enter a default password as P@ass4ktu
  • Read and Click on I understand

  • Now, Create a password for yourself and make sure you don’t forget it, you can write it down somewhere

Option 2, On Mobile (Gmail App)

  • If you are using an Android/IOS, Open the Gmail App or download it from Play store or App Store,
  • Click on the image icon of your already existing account at the top right corner,
  • Click on Add Another Account.
  • Select Google at the Set Up Email, you might be asked to enter your phone’s PIN or Figure print if you are using a security lock on your phone
  • Enter your full institutional email account in the sign-in field provided and click on next
  1. Enter a default password for your new account and click on next. The default password is P@ass4ktu (All in small letters or lowercase letters). Note this default password is only for first-time activation. You accept the terms and conditions on the usage of the account by clicking on Accept.
  2. Create your new desired password and confirm the same for your new account. Note: Your New password needs to be at least 8 characters. Keep your new password very secure and safe always to remember.
  3. You should be logged in to your new account.
  4. After successfully creating your password, you should add your active phone number and personal email address to your new account for password recovery when you lose your password.