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This is to inform the University Community that 2020/2021 Academic Year registration begins on 11th January 2021.

Below are activities leading to the commencement of the First Semester of 2020/2021 Academic Year.

1 Reporting (All Programs Freshers) 11th January 2021
2 Registration – Freshers (All Programs) 11th January – 7th February 2021
3 Orientation – Freshers (Morning) 11th January – 15th January 2021
4 Orientation – Freshers (Weekend) 11th January – 17th January 2021
5 Reopening – Continuing Students (All Programs) 11th January 2021
6 Registration – Continuing Students (All Programs Including Weekend) 11th January – 7th February 2021
7 Lectures Begin (All Programs) 18th January 2021
8 Lectures Begin (Weekend) 22nd January 2021


Note: A new SIP portal has been deployed for students. Click on the link below for the steps and instructions on how to activate your SIP portal for registration and other activities. Freshers will be given their index number and institutional email for self-registration after submitting their acceptance letter and copies of results slip at the registration center.

Freshers Notice

Management and Staff of Koforidua Technical University wish to welcome all students, especially, Freshmen and Women to campus to begin the 2020/2021 Academic Year.

As part of the measures to ensure smooth registration and strict adherence to the COVID-19 protocols, all fresh students are to follow the steps below to ensure their safety and smooth registration.

Note: Registration for the 2020/2021 Academic Year will be ‘Online Self Registration‘.


Step 1

  1. All fresh students must report at the appropriate registration centre with the following documents after they have paid the required School Fees:
    1. Two copies of their admission letters
    2. Two copies of their Acceptance Form
    3. Two copies of their certificates/results slip
    4. Two copies of their birth certificate/baptismal certificate (Matured Students Only)
  2. An officer will verify your payment and issue to you a Flat file with your Index Number and your institutional KTU email at the back of it.
  3. Write your institutional email and index number in a safe place.
  4. File the necessary documents in the Flat file and submit them to the second officer.

Step 2

  1. Leave the center and proceed to do your self online course registration with the issued institutional KTU email.
  2. Follow the link below to activate your institutional email
  3. Follow this link to activate your SIP portal and to perform your course registration.


  • For IT Support: contact ICT Support Services call ICT Support on 0342293596 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday or WhatsApp Only 0262232710, 0265055145
  • For Registration Support: contact the Students Services Department t on 0342290311 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday.
  • For Payment of Fees Support: contact the Students Services Department t on 0342293598 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday.
  • For Institutional Email Activation Support: Contact 0240273100 (WhatsApp ONLY)


– All fresh students must sanitize their hands at all the entry points of the Registration Centres

– Students may carry a bottle of hand sanitizer throughout the registration process.

– Students must wear nose/face mask at all times

– Keep a distance from others to avoid contamination

– Where necessary, apply hand sanitizers to protect yourself to help stop the spread.