University Counselling Centre

We recognise that members of the University community experience a variety of concerns or difficulties that usually affect their general wellbeing and ability to succeed as a student or an employee. That is where we come in.
We’re here to help you succeed
The University Counselling Service exists to meet such needs and to offer comprehensive mental health services to KTU students and employees. Our counsellors are professionally trained and licensed, have a wealth of experience and knowledge and can assist you in areas such as academic issues, work and personal concerns.
Seeking counselling or therapy is about making a positive choice to get help by talking confidentially with a professionally trained listener who has no other role in your life. Counsellors provide a confidential atmosphere where you can explore any topic or situation and discuss any concerns you may have.
Walk into our offices on the KTU campus or call our reception on…….. to arrange for a precounselling session or for enquiries


Do I need a Counsellor?
Many people experience a variety of concerns or difficulties that usually affect their lives, general wellbeing and ability to succeed as students or employees. And to sort out the difficulties, most people talk to friends, family, colleagues or staff in their Department.

What happens in counselling?
When you first apply for an appointment either online or walk- in, you will be given a pre-counselling session, which is a brief contact with the counsellor assigned to your case. In the brief session, the counsellor will assess basic information and desired goals and outcomes to help understand your case and to plan for the main structured sessions. The main sessions will be tailored to your presenting concerns, and often a professionally trained counsellor will work with you on mastering some basic life skills, stress relaxation techniques, behaviour modification etc during the sessions and outside sessions using homework or assignments. In the case of reported or suspected mental difficulties, the counsellor will assess and treat using psychotherapy or make a referral to other resources.
Remember that in order to benefit fully from Counselling or psychotherapy, you must:
Attend scheduled sessions
Be specific about the concerns that led to your decision to seek counselling
Participate actively, and be as open and honest as possible.
Discuss your progress with your counsellor as you go along, and modify your goals if necessary.
Successful counselling is a joint process requiring your motivation and active involvement. The more actively involved you are, the more effective counselling will be for you.

To provide comprehensive mental health services that promote students and staff success in a safe and supportive environment.
We practise this by:
Providing individual, couple or group counselling/psychotherapy to students and staff of the university.
Engaging in preventive and outreach programs to promote the awareness of mental health among the population.

The University Counselling Centre (UCC) offers opportunities for personal growth and well being that will enable students, staff and faculty to be successful in their learning and/or contribution to the University. The Centre exists to help its community members deal with or manage difficulties, prevent potential problems, and develop essential life skills that will enrich their lives. The services address personal, work, and academic learning issues and are offered through individual, group counselling, as well as seminars or workshops. Consultation and outreach services such as presentations are also available to Campus groups and departments. Please visit our counselling services page for more detailed information.
All inquiries and discussions are treated confidentially. This includes client data and appointments. Some exceptions to confidentiality may only be applied where there is a danger to self or another. Please visit the Counselling Centre or call ………… to make an appointment.

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