The University Council

Subject to the provisions of the Technical Universities Act, 2016 (Act 922), as amended by Technical Universities (Amendment) Act 2018, Act 974), there shall be a Governing Council of the University which shall be the highest decision-making authority of the Technical University.

(1) Composition:
The Council of the University shall consist of:
(a) Chairperson;
(b) the Vice-Chancellor of the University;
(c) three persons nominated by the President taking into consideration
(i) the need for gender balance;
(ii) Scientific qualification, or professional experience relevant to the degree programmes offered by the University;
(iii) Expertise in management and finance; and
(iv) Expertise in skills development at the tertiary level;
(d) one representative of the National Council for Tertiary Education;
(e) one representative of the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training;
(f) one representative of the Association of Ghana Industries;
(g) one representative of the Conference of Heads of Assisted Senior High Schools;
(h) two representatives of the Convocation elected by the Convocation one of whom is a non-teaching staff;
(i) one representative of the teaching staff elected by the Teaching Staff Association;
(j) one elected representative of the Senior Staff Association;
(k) one elected representative of the Junior Staff Association;
(l) one representative of the undergraduate students of the University elected by the Students’ Representative Council;
(m) one representative of the graduate students of the University elected by the Graduate Students Association;
(n) one representative of the alumni of the University elected by the Alumni Association;
(o) one representative of the Ghana Employers Association; and
(p) one representative of the Association of Principals of Technical Institutes.

(q) In attendance:

  1. 1. Registrar (Secretary to Council),
    ii. Pro Vice-Chancellor,
    iii. Director of Finance.
  2. (2) All recognised Teaching, Senior and Junior Staff Associations shall elect their
    representation to Council in accordance with their respective constitutions.
  3. (3) The Chairperson and other members of the Council shall be appointed by the
    President in accordance with Article 70 of the 1992 Constitution.


  1. (1) Without prejudice to the generality of the powers of Council as provided for by the
    Technical Universities Act as amended and this Statute, the powers and functions of the Koforidua Technical University Council shall include the following:
    (a) ensure the attainment of the aims of the University;
    (b) determine the strategic direction of the University, finances and properties of the
    University and determine the allocation and proper use of funds;
    (c) be responsible for the management and administration of finances and properties of the University and determine the allocation and proper use of funds;
    (d) promote income-generating activities as part of the programmes of the University;
    (e) promote applied research including the provision of technology innovations and
    solutions to firms and businesses as part of the outreach activities of the University;
    (f) foster linkages and collaboration with relevant national and international industries
    and institutions in furtherance of the mission of the University;
    (g) ensure the conservation and augmentation of resources of the University,
    specifically in relation to matters affecting income or expenditure;
    (h) ensure the coherence of programmes and courses of the University with the
    other sub-sectors of the educational system;
    (i) ensure the relevance of the programmes and courses of the University to the
    employment and productive sectors of the economy;
    (j) ensure the creation of an environment of equal opportunities for members of the
    University without regard to ethnicity, sex, race, religious belief or
    political affiliation;
    (k) approve the terms and conditions for the admission of persons selected for courses
    of study on the recommendation of the Academic Board of the University;
    (l) be responsible for discipline in the University;
    (m) make appointments to academic, senior administrative and senior professional staff
    positions on the recommendations of the University Appointments and Promotions Board in accordance with the Statutes of the University;
    (n) ensure that the academic staff have relevant industry experience; and
    (o) perform any other functions that are ancillary to the aims of the University.
  2. (2) The council shall have power, on the recommendation of the Academic Board, to confer the
    title of Emeritus Professor, Honorary Professor or other Academic titles.
    (a) Delegate authority to the Vice-Chancellor or any other official of the University.
    (b) Generally, enter into, carry out, vary or cancel contracts.
    (c) Determine annually the budget necessary for capital and revenue investments, the maintenance of the property of the University, and the human resources for transacting the business of the University and may appropriate funds for these purposes.
    (d) Oversee the internal organization of the University, including the establishment, variation and supervision of academic divisions, departments and faculties.
  3. (3) The Council shall enact Statutes in accordance with the laws on intellectual property to govern the creation, ownership and use of the intellectual property including copyright, patents, trade names and industrial designs by the employees of the University;
  4. (4) The Council may borrow money on behalf of the University and may for this purpose use the property of the University as security;
  5. (5) The Council may in enacting the Statutes under subsection (3) determine the incentives for persons who undertake any work, research or other intellectual enterprise funded or otherwise undertaken with resources of that University to enable those persons to benefit from their work, research or intellectual enterprise.
  6. (6) Safeguard the good name and values of the University;
  7. (7) Appoint or dismiss the Vice-Chancellor, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, the Deans, Directors, Registrar, Deputy Registrars and Professors of the University in accordance to laid down procedures;
  8. (8) For the avoidance of doubt, the Council shall have the power to create new establishments or merge or abolish existing establishments.
  9. (9) Without prejudice to the foregoing, the Council shall act as trustee for any property, legacy, endowment, bequest, device or gift made to or belonging to the University or any establishment of the University.