Semester’s Registration


  • Students are supposed to pay their fees to enable them register.
  • Students who pay the approved fees/charges can only register after twenty-four (24) hours.
  • Students should indicate their names, programmes and correct index numbers when paying their fees.


 Step 1: Payment of Fees

a. Students are to pay their fees for the 2016/2017 academic year at any branch of the following banks using the Trans-flow System:

  • Agriculture Development Bank
  • Ghana Commercial Bank
  • HFC Bank
  • Unibank
  • Universal Merchant Bank
  • United Bank of Africa

b. Students are expected to quote their correct Index Numbers on all the pay-in-slips.

Step 2: Academic Course Registration


  • Go to
  • Enter their full index numbers as a username
  • Enter their password and
  • Click on the “Course Registration Tab”


  • Go to
  • Enter their full index numbers as a username
  • Enter the default password sip4kdpoly. (All should be in small caps/letters.)
  • Change the default password after logging into the system for the first time
  • Re-enter their index numbers and new password
  • Click on the “course registration tab”

All students

  • Students are required to Register for the required courses for the Semester by adding the correct courses for the Second Semester (please check and be sure of the courses before registering).
  • Confirm your registration after adding the correct courses.
  • Print a copy of your registration confirmation page. (NB: Remember to confirm yours courses before printing)
  • Logout from the system after registration.
  • Students should run one (1) copy of their registration forms and submit same to their respective departments. Keep the original copy as proof of Registration.

Students who may encounter any difficulty in the course of registering could use any of the following medium for support:

  • Send email to:
  • complete the feedback Registration form on the “contact us” page
  • call 0342-290311
  • whatsapp 0265193231


Students who fail to register at the close of the specified dates allowed for registration may lose their students status and may be withdrawn (Article 20.4 of the Student Hand Book)

Students are to note that the rate for penalty for late registration is GH¢50.00 plus GH¢10.00 for each day in default up to five days. (Ref: Article 20.3 on page 25 of the Students’ Handbook).