The Pro Vice Chancellor

Prof. John Owusu (Pro-Vice-Chancellor)

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor is appointed by-election in accordance with Technical University Act 2014 to exercise powers specified in the Statutes and such other functions as may be delegated to him by the Vice-Chancellor.  He is mandated to hold office for two (2) years and eligible for re-election for a second term of another two (2) years only.


The Pro-Vice-Chancellor supports both academic and administrative work of the institution. With reference to the organogram, he is the head of the academic division; he deals with almost all issues regarding academic within the institution. The Pro-Vice-Chancellor acts and presides over administration of the office of the Vice-Chancellor in his absence.  He also has the oversight responsibility for the following departments and faculties

  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Industrial Liaison
  • Dean of Students
  • Librarian
  • Deans: – Faculty of Business and Management Studies (FBMS), Faculty of Applied Science and Technology (FAST), Faculty of Engineering (FOE), Faculty of Health of Allied Sciences and Faculty of Built and Natural Environment (FBNE)
    Chairmanship of Committees
    By virtue of his office, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor chairs meetings the following committees most of which are standing committees of the Academic Board.
  • Residence and Health Services

This Committee reviews housing policies determine housing and office needs of staff and students.  It also advises the Rector on the establishment and administration of an equitable system for allocating housing units and facilities of the University.  The Committee keeps under review the functioning of the medical service makes recommendations on them to the Academic Board and also coordinates students’ activities at hostels.

  • Industrial Relations

Industrial attachment is integrated into the academic work of the students to enable them to have practical experience of their programme of study.  An Industrial Liaison Office has been established to oversee and find suitable institutions/organisations for these activities.  As part of the measures put in place to ensure that students take up the industrial attachment seriously, lecturers have been appointed to supervise students on industrial attachment.  This fosters strong relations with industry and provides for the development of entrepreneurial expertise in students of the institution.

  • Welfare

The welfare committee promotes the welfare of staff and students and also facilitates cultural and social development of the University.

  • Library/Bookshop and Resource

The Library/Bookshop and Resource Committee ensures that the institution provides adequate, useful and affordable books for students and staff to aid their education and work.  It also ensures that students and staff have access to the library when necessary. The Committee in collaboration with Management, has decided to establish e-library to facilitate teaching and learning.

  • Chaplaincy Board

This Committee oversees the spiritual needs of the University and the organisation of religious programmes as approved by management from time to time.

  • Admissions

The Admissions Committee was set up to propose successful applicants for consideration of Academic Board and to propose changes in Admissions criteria to Academic Board.  It also performs any functions relating to admissions as may from time to time as may be directed by the Academic Board.

  • Examinations

The examinations committee sees to the effective implementation of all aspects of the University’s examination policy and ensures the smooth and timely conduct of examinations and compilation of results for consideration at various levels.  It also makes recommendations to the Academic Board to improve the conduct of examinations when necessary.

  • Sports

The Sports committee has established a sports team which participates in sporting events and activities of the institution. The team engages in sporting activities such as soccer, basketball, table tennis, badminton, athletics among others.  The institution also participates in events such as West Africa University Games, WAPOGA, Ghana Polytechnic Sports Association (GHAPSA) games which is organised once every year. The Sports Committee also organises recreational activities e.g. cycling, etc. and also collaborates in sporting and recreational activities with other institutions within the metropolis.

  • Business Development Management Committee

This committee was constituted to see to the establishment and subsequent running of the Business Development Centre, which should oversee and coordinate the activities and projects financed with internally generated funds.  The committee in collaboration with the Business Development Officer has been able to partner with some companies like KITE, Business Development Services Fund (a world bank/UN international research Company), to mention but a few to provide some services in terms of workshops for them. service providers in running workshops for them.  The Committee has also been able to establish a water sachet project with inputs from the SOE and has other plans for projects such as a fuel station, driving school, etc.

  • Doorstep Management Committee

The Doorstep Committee

  • Evening School Management Committee

Membership of Committees
The Pro-Vice-Chancellor is also a Member of the following Committees:

  • Governing Council (In attendance)
  • Finance and General Purpose Sub-Committee of Council
  • Development and Planning Sub-Committee of Council
  • Academic Board
  • Scholarship and Staff Development
  • Appointments and Promotions
  • Executive Committee of the Academic Board

Through the office of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, the institution has been able to secure an extensive scholarship scheme from the University of Electronic Science & Technology of China for students and staff (academic and non-academic staff) of the University to develop themselves academically in their areas of study.  Consequently, five (5) staff have been selected to further their education at the university for this academic year.  Three (3) are to read PhD and two (2) are to read Masters programmes respectively.  These are made up four (4) academic staff and one (1) administrative staff.

The Pro Vice-Chancellor’s Office in collaboration with the Guidance and Counseling Office has introduced work and study programme for students, such that students work during their free period in some of the Departments, e.g. at the Library and are paid for their services.
The aim of the Pro Vice-Chancellor’s office is to develop and advance the research standing of the institution so that the academic division would not only focus on lecturing but also would be research-based.  This would enable the research record of the institution to be outstanding and this knowledge would boost the quality of programmes offered by the University.

The University also intends to continually enhance teaching and learning facilities in line with changing academic and professional demands by integrating ICT in its programmes, in terms of library, teaching materials, theatres and laboratories among others since commerce, science and technology are playing important roles in national development.