Director Audit

(1) There shall be an Internal Auditor, who shall be appointed by Council on the
recommendation of a Search Committee of Council to serve as the Head of the Internal Audit Unit of the University. He shall be appointed in the manner presented in Schedule K of these Statutes.
(2) The Internal Auditor shall exercise professional and administrative supervision over staff under the Internal Audit Unit to ensure that the internal control systems of the University are efficient and effective.
(3) The Internal Auditor shall, in accordance with the Internal Audit Agency Act, 2003 (Act 658) and in conformity with standards and procedures provided by the Agency, set up under the Act, carry out periodic internal audit of the University and submit reports thereof to the Audit Committee through the Vice Chancellor of the University.
(4) The Internal Auditor shall be responsible for the internal audit of the accounts and financial transactions of the University.
(5) Without prejudice to Internal Audit Agency Act, 2003 (Act 658), the Director of Internal Audit shall report directly to the Council through the Vice Chancellor.
(6) The Internal Auditor shall

(a) ensure the establishment and operation of an efficient and effective internal financial control system;
(b) vet all proposed expenditures to ensure compliance with laid-down internal control systems and other statutory requirements;
(c) conduct periodic examination of the accounts of the University including the units with limited financial and operational autonomy;
(d) monitor and ensure that all expenditure incurred have been authorised and are within budgetary provisions;
(e) conduct periodic management audit and submit reports to the Vice Chancellor and the Council;
(f) liaise with External Auditors and ensure that appropriate action is taken on reported audit findings;
(g) submit periodic audit reports on the activities of all Units to the Vice Chancellor and the Council;
(h) generally be responsible for ensuring that the University complies with the Internal Audit Agency Act, 2003 (Act 565); and
(i) discharge any other assignments that the Registrar shall deem necessary.

(7) The Internal Auditor shall hold office for four (4) years on first appointment and may, on application, be re-appointed for a further term of up to four (4) years only, provided that no part of the second term enters the compulsory retirement age.
(8) The Internal Auditor may resign from office by a letter addressed to the Chairperson of Council through the Registrar in accordance with the terms and conditions of appointment.
(9) The Council may remove the Internal Auditor from office for stated good cause, including in particular conduct that has compromised or threatened to compromise the financial integrity of the University.
(10) The provisions for the removal of the Vice Chancellor from office shall apply to the removal of the Internal Auditor.