University’s Hostel (Getfund)

Contact Frank = 0243780959
Karim = 0243228255
Location Right on Campus
Procedure for Payment
  • Call for Vacancy information before payment
  • Pay fees into ADB Account#: 2011010016865501
  • Account Name: Koforidua Polytechnic Getfund Hostel. Koforidua Branch
  • Submit pay-in-slip to koforidua Technical University’s cash office for official receipt.
  • Submit your official receipt to Hostel Administrator/Estate Office for room allocation.
category Male and Female
Rent per bed Call Frank (0243780959)
  • Rent
  • Includes utilities charges for two semesters.
  • Dstv, Snooker, Wifi,  Internet Cafe
  • Salon
  • Barbering Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Super Market
  • Reading Rooms
  • 24/7 Water supply

Private Accredited Hostels

(Disclaimer: Students who patronize unaccredited Hostels, do so at their own risk )

Contact MR. ATIEMO 0246-109326 / 0502020450 / 0264-186186
Distance from school 5 minutes walk to campus
category Males only
Location Adweso SSNIT near Koforidua Technical University – KTU (koforidua poly)
Rent per bed Executive Room with toilet and bath = Ghc 2,530.00
1 in a room = GH¢ 1030 each
2 in a room = GH¢ 930 each
2 in a room = GH¢ 830 each
4 in a room = GH¢ 730 each
Note: Hostel fees Includes water bill and accommodation
  • Rent for One Academic year (two semesters only).
  • Single room available on request.
  • four (4) in a room has security cabinet with metal gate on request.
  • Multi TV and ceiling fans available in each room.
  • Hostel is close to internet café.
  • Very quiet and peaceful environment & landlord lives next door.
  • 24 hrs. water supply (GWCL) &free well. Spacious kitchen for     cooking.
  • Students should come with two (2) passport pictures to fill hostel forms.

Contact MR. TENKORANG 0249722626
MR. KUMI 0273155973
MRS. TENKORANG 0549883160
Distance From School 3 mins walk
Category Mixed (Males and Females)
Location Just behind the new Administration block/
and share boundary with the school
Rent Per Bed 2 in a room = Ghc 1,100 each (Toilet & Bath)
1 in a room = Ghc 1,300
2 in a room = GH¢ 850 each
  • Rent is paid for one academic year(2 semester)
  • Rent excludes utility charges
  • Internet Café(WiFi) available (nearby)
  • Bed supply(Bring mattress 30 or 36×75
  • Entertainment room with DSTV, Multi TV, Gym, Draft, Oware, Table Tennis
  • Convenient shop & internet café
  • Kitchen in-front of each room
  • Cleaners, Zoomlion Facility, Security, Washing Area, W/C
  • 24hr water supply
  • Bring one passport picture
  • Study room
  • Shower
  • Ceiling Fan

0209414942 / 0244753172
Maxwell Dankwa: 0208194898
Kojo Yirenkyi: 0546128936
Distance from school 3 minutes’ walk to poly campus
Category  Mixed
Location 400 meters from campus on the Highway to KTU (near Acapulco Chop-bar). Please call any of the above numbers for assistance.
Rent Per Bed 1 in a room is based on request
2 in 1 = Gh¢700 each
3 in 1 = Gh¢600 each
4 in 1 = Gh¢500 each
  • Rent does NOT include utility bills
  • Rent charged is for an academic year (2 semesters) and NOT 12 calendar months.
  • Ceiling fans, beds and Mattress provided
  • Satellite TV available
  • WiFi available
  • Convenience shop located o hosted premises
  • Close to a clinic (Adweso Clinic)
  • 24 hour water supply with reserve polytanks and an underground reservoir
  • Quiet and serene environment
  • Staircase linking Hostel to main highway to campus
  • Secured with a gated block wall.
  • Rent can be paid via money transfer or at the bank. (Madam Felicia’s No. 0244753172 / 0209414942)
  • Rent can paid via mobile transfer or at the bank.
  • Owners live next door in case of emergency.

Contact Manager: NANA OPPONG – BAAH 0244487613 /
OR O249505077
Distance From School 5 minutes walk from campus
Category Mixed(Males and Females)
Location Behind GetFund Hostel
Rent Per Bed All are executives rooms including

  • 4/room GHc 1100
  • 3/room GHc 1,450
  • 2 /room GHc 1,800
  • An elegant Hostel strategically located just behind the get fund Hostel
  • Rent includes water, bed and mattresses and it is for two academic semesters. Rent excludes Electricity.
  • Very spacious and neat with washrooms and kitchen en suite
  • 1 ½ beds and mattresses provided(No bunk beds)
  • Electricity self-managed by prepared for each room
  • Study, TV room with multi TV/DSTV and Wi-Fi
  • Hostel Super markets to serve residents
  • Entire compound fenced with galvanized razor wire with security gate
  • Hostel system for residents celebration
  • GWCL and borehole water supply system


Contact 0244730793/ 0209263686/0246332843
Distance From School 8 minutes walk from campus
Category Mixed(Males and Females)
Location Behind VC’s residences
Rent Per Bed A. Ground Floor

  • 2/room GHc 1100 (Detached Toilet and Bath)

B. Self-Contained

  • 2/room GHc 1200 (without Kitchen)
  • 2/room GHc 1700 (with Kitchen, Toilet and Bath)
  • 2/room GHc 1600 (with Kitchen and common Bath)

NB: Rent charges excludes electricity bills

  • Solar Energy provided (for lights only).
  • For electricity, 2 rooms share and manage one (1) prepaid meter.
  • Each self-contain room manages 1 pre-paid meter.
  • One and half (1½) size beds with mattresses provided.
  • Regular free flow of water from GWCL supplies Borehole and well.
  • Ceiling fans in each room.
  • Common room with Multi TV & DSTV
  • Each room has a spacious balcony.
  • Study tables and chairs in each room.
  • Each room has a wardrobe.

Contact SIR JOE 024-0114807/ 020-8111882
ERIC 024-5746549
Distance From School 6 minutes
Category Mixed
Location Adweso-Abaaase (Near Stop Over)
Rent Per Bed 4/Room = GH¢  700 each
2/Room = GH¢ 760 each
Executive 2/Room = GH¢ 850 each with toilet & bath inside
6/Room = GH¢ 550 each
5/Room = GH¢ 520 each
  • Rent is per semester (not for a year)
  • Rent excludes utility charges
  • Free DSTV, 24hr security
  • Free bed, mattress and pillow
  • Every bed is en-suit
  • Spacious kitchen with free gas
  • Two standby generators
  • Close to K’dua-Accra main road
  • Close to Abease restaurant fence wall
  • Free Hostel T’shirt

Contact Mawusi  0541239889
George  0248640747
Esther  0542165614
Distance From School 8 MINUTES
Category Female
Location  Behind universal hostel
Rent Per Bed 1/Room = Gh¢ 1000
2/Room = GH¢ 900
  • Rent excludes utility charges
  • DSTV/MULTI TV available
  • Close to the main road
  • Behind Universal Hostel
  • Close to a pharmacy shop
  • Close to a restaurant
  • Close to convenient shop
  • Close to internet café
  • Rent excludes utility charges
  • Rent is for two semesters & come with two passport pictures

  Name Universal Hostel
Contact Mr. Doe 0549502075
Mrs. Doe 0242344935
Office line 0541239889
Olivia 0548765265
Distance From School 6 MINUTES
Category Male only
Location Opposite Aba Ase Restaurant
Rent Per Bed 1/Room = GH¢1,200 (bigger size)
1/Room = GH¢ 770 (Smaller size)
2/Room = GH¢ 670
3/Room = GH¢ 570
  • Rent excludes utility charges and is two semesters (Academic year)
  • DSTV available/standby generator
  • Close to the main road
  • Behind central hostel
  • Close to a pharmacy shop
  • Close to a restaurant
  • Close to convenient shop
  • Café available
  • Gym available

Contact Osei – 0544008013/ 0549928137
ken – 0277042577
Distance From School 10 minutes
Category Mixed(Male and Female)
Location Mile 50 behind K’dua Technical university  Staff Bungalows
Rent Per Bed 2/Room (Male Only) – GHc 800.00
2/Room(Female Only) – GHc 850.00
3/Room(Female Only) – GHc 700.00
  • Rent includes water and cleaner
  • Big compound with fence wall
  • 24/hr GWC water supply and well as Backup
  • Spacious TV and Study Room
  • Quiet Environment
  • Next to Princess Hostel
  • We provide free sanitary services
  • High speed internet for browsing in the hostel

Contact MANAGER: 0244403083 | 0208151359
Distance From School 5 MINUTES
Category Mixed
Location Behind Get-fund Hostel
Rent Per Bed 1/Room (small) = GH¢ 1,400
2/Room (Small) = GH¢ 700.00 each
1/Room (Big) = GH¢ 2,200.00
2/room =GH¢ 1,100.00 each
4/room=GH¢ 600.00 each
  • Electricity: 2 rooms share (1) prepaid metre.
  • Toilet & bath in each room with wall tiles.
  • Free flow of water.
  • Student should bring along their own foam mattress.
  • We provide students’ bed for each room.
  • DSTV, Draft, Oware and Table tennis available.
  • We have super market in our hostel which serves the students.
  • We provide 24hour security
  • Rent is per 2 semester (per academic year)
  • Bring one passport picture


Contact Mr. Osei – 0244995008
Mrs. Osei – 0246151493
Distance From School 4 minutes walk; about 300 metres away
Category Mixed
Location Could be seen from the Admin block behind two storey buildings
Rent Per Bed 3 in a room – GHc 750.00
2  in a room – GHc850.00
1 in a room – GHc 1050.00
  • Rent excludes utilities for two semesters
  • Adequate bed supply, Airy rooms with Mosquito Proof Nets
  • TV, Multi TV, Radio Internet Access, Fans available
  • Adequate cooking area and cemented walled compounds
  • 24hr water supply with Zoomlion Facility
  • Shower/ Water Closet /Washing area/Spacious Compound
  • Zoomlion facility
  • Hostel is very close to campus with shop on site

Contact MR. BALOKA    0244-788377 / 0243426423 / 0202140744
Category MIXED
Location Behind GET Fund Hostel (Mixed)
Rent Per Bed 2/room = GH¢ 750 / GH¢ 900 each
3/room = GH¢800/GH¢750/GH¢650 each
4/room = GH¢650 each
6/room= GH¢600  each
  • Rent paid is for academic year (2 semesters)
  • Rent excludes utility charges
  • Spacious kitchen is available
  • Fence wall with barb wires & cemented compound
  • Porch  or veranda in front of each room
  • Ceiling fan & Beds are in each room
  • DSTV, Gym machines, indoor games and table tennis available in the hostel
  • High Speed Wireless internet for browsing in the hostel
  • GWSC water supply & well as back up
  • We provide free sanitary services (hostel labourers clean the hostel every day.

Contact MRS. ANNIE  054-1918766 / 024-3533474
Distance From School 2 minutes
Category Mixed
Location Abotanso, Just behind the School of Engineering
Junction one street Koforidua Poly Campus
Rent Per Bed 2/Room = GH¢ 800
3/Room = GH¢ 600 – 650
4/Room = ranging from Gh¢500 – Gh¢650
6/Room = GH¢ 500
  • Rent excludes utility charges
  • TV room
  • Big compound with Fence wall
  • Grass and paved compound
  • Super Market
  • Cold Store
  • Kitchen for each block
  • Close internet Café
  • White and Serene environment
  • Beautify with flowers
  • Pipe, well and rain water available

Contact Mr. Osei Agyeman 0243427541 / 0202445614 / 0551556483/ 0248909162
Distance From School 5 minutes
Category Mixed(Males and Females)
Location Besides MADiba Hostel
Rent Per Bed GHC 600 – GHC 650
  • Rent paid is for 2 semesters
  • Rent Exclude Utility Charges
  • Muilti TV Available & Fan in Each Room
  • Indoor Games like Oware, Draft etc
  • G.W.S.E. and a Well as a Back up
  • Close to Internet Cafe and Store
  • Mini Supermarket Available
  • Close to MADiba

Contact GODFREY: 0244087429
GODFRED: 0546662420
Distance From School 5 minutes
Category FEMALE & MALE
  • One in a room is base on request
  • Two in room GH 1,200.00 Each per Academic Year
  • Two in a room with Air Condition is base on request
  • Three in room GH 800.00 Each per Academic Year
Note Rent does not include utility bills

  • Water: GH 170.00
  • Zoomlion and Sanitation: GH 50.00
  • Electricity Self Management
  • Ceiling Fans provided (Bring along materials 1 and half or single size)
  • All the room are tiles
  • Each room with toilet and bath with wall tiles
  • Spacious kitchen for cooking with sink
  • GWCL Water supply, underground Reservoir and Poly Tank.
  • Super Market / Shop
  • Each room with Multi TV
  • Close to main road
  • Generator
  • Fence with wall blocks with security wires and security at post

Contact 0552578780
Distance From School 10 minutes
Category Mixed(Males and Females)
Location Kwakyea Adjacent Supreme Hostel
Rent per bed Two in a room GHc 1100 each per semester
One in a room GHc 2,000 per semester
One in a room with AC – GHc 2,400
  • Suitable Rooms with (Kitchen, Washroom, Bed&Mattress, Wardrobe, Fan/AC)
  • Free WiFi Network
  • Free DSTV
  • Salon / Barbering
  • Provision Shop
  • Gym
  • Each Room with its Meter/DStv Access/Provision Shop/Gym Centre/Internet Access/Table Tennis/Snooker Boards/ Study/TV Room/Car Park/Saloon/Barbering Shop.
  • Stationery/ Pipe Water & Bore Hole / 24hrs Security etc.

Contact 0242701448
Location Right on Campus
category Male and Female
Rent per bed 2 / room = GH¢ 1,650.00 each per Year
3 / room = GH¢ 1,450.00 each per Year
4 / room = GH¢ 1,250.00 each per Year
6 / room = GH¢ 1050.00 each per Year
  • Our facilities are America Standard for a comfort living
  • There is free Gas, Water, Bed and Mattress, internet Access and CCTV Cameras as a security Gadget.
  •  Ghc 50.00 for all Students annual registration
  • The walking distance from the hostel to the school is just 4 minutes thank you
  • DSTV Installed
  • Volley Ball Court
  • Internet access Wifi