Notice To All Unregistered Continuing Students

Management’s attention has been drawn to the fact that a number of Continuing Students did not register in the previous semesters either due to non-payment or late payment of fees. In connection with the above, Continuing Students who were unable to register in any of the previous semester (s) should contact the Students’ Services Department at Room 129 in the Administration Block on or by Tuesday 15 October, 2019.

Affected students who ignore this notice and continue to attend lectures do so at their own risk.

N. A. Mensah-Livingstone (Dr)

5 Replies to “Notice To All Unregistered Continuing Students”

  1. Martin

    I’m in level 300 and I couldn’t register last semester but I have contacted the students service department but I just want to know if I can register this semester and continue with my studies.


    Please my name is Otuo Frimpong i was a student of ktu from the year 2016-2019, as regards to the registration of courses i face similar challenge by not registering when i get to level 200 due to school fees and some family issues, so with the effects of this i was forced to stay home and my colleague has completed,please i wanted to asked whether i can come pay the full fees from level 200-300 and continue from there or is there anything i can do to register and write my papers, please i need your help.
    Thank You

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