Change Of Programmes/Sessions – Freshers Only

It is announced for the information of all Fresh Students that a window of opportunity has been opened for all interested and qualified first-year students, who wish to change their Programmes or Sessions, to apply for consideration.

Applicants must note that the change applied for is NOT automatic but would be granted based on the availability of vacancies.

The procedure for the exercise is as follows:

  1. Interested applicants will have to pay One Hundred and Fifty Cedis (GHC 150.00) at the ADB Bank and subsequently present their pay-in-slip to Receivables and Payables Department for a receipt. 
  2. Applicants will then use their receipts to procure the Change of Programme Form or Change of Session Form at the Admissions Department. 
  3. The applications will be considered and the decisions will be published.
  4. Successful applicants may be issued with new classes and/or new index numbers.

The deadline for this exercise is the close of work on Friday, 18th October, 2019.

Please note that no application will be accepted after the deadline.


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    Please my name is Otuo Frimpong i was a student of ktu from the year 2016-2019, as regards to the registration of courses i face similar challenge by not registering when i get to level 200 due to school fees and some family issues, so with the effects of this i was forced to stay home and my colleague has completed,please i wanted to asked whether i can come pay the full fees from level 200-300 and continue from there or is there anything i can do to register and write my papers, please i need your help.
    Thank You

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