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Chairman of the Governing Council of Koforidua Technical University, Prof Samuel Obeng Apori, and Members of Council. The Honourable Minister of Education, Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh.  Honorable Regional Minister, Dr Eric Darfour Kwakye,

Executive Secretaries of NCTE, NAB, NABPTEX and Dr for COTVET Vice-Chancellor, Management, Members of Convocation, Nananom, Distinguished Guests, Fellow Graduands, Ladies and Gentlemen.

On behalf of the graduating Class of 2018, I feel greatly honored to stand before you with nothing to offer but with this short Speech of jubilation. We are celebrating because today is a milestone for each of us and our families. Alter today, we leave the protection of the University, the community of our friends, roommates, and teachers, to find and forge new communities of our own. Who knows Where our individual paths will take in the world be and KTU?

Today, together with my batch mates, we celebrate our success after all these years of hardship, struggle and perseverance. We remember the challenges that stood before us, and we value the Victories that came upon us.

Today is our graduation ceremony, whereby our stay at this university has ended. It is a great privilege for me to address the 2018 graduating cohorts who have completed their journey of Bachelor of Technology and Higher National Diploma. Indeed, it is a historic occasion for all of us, the outgoing students. This is a day of celebration. The storm is over!

Standing here in front of everybody, I have this feeling of pride and happiness. We are so happy because all our efforts and sacrifices were well paid off.

My fellow graduates, we arrived here between two and three years ago, and now it is already time to leave. It seems like only yesterday when we were skinny little freshmen fighting with the locks on our lockers, trying to figure out where our next class was, and looking generally clueless to seniors. Now we are the seniors ready to graduate and move forward into the world. Yet at this seminal moment, we can’t look back.

I would like to start by congratulating each and every one of us on our great achievement. It has taken hard work, commitment and sacrifice to successfully complete the challenging programmes we signed up to. Many of us have studied while continuing to deliver our responsibilities in the workplace, sacrificed family time, hobbies and social life to complete our programmes. We feel a sense of significant achievement and pride today.

I remember all those nights we spent studying for the test the next morning, all of the books we read and the scholarly work we wrote, all of the lessons we learned from not only our lecturers, but also the multidisciplinary staff and from our own colleagues.

We thank the University Authorities for their vision and direction to mold this precious academic institution which has contributed and continues to contribute to transforming this world to become a better place.

Special thanks also go to all individuals and various groups and organizations, both national and international that supported KTU in diverse ways. Your continual generous sponsorship positively contributed to the high-quality of our academic achievement at KTU.

On behalf of my fellow graduates, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all who made our dreams come true: the Vice-Chancellor, the Deans, the Registrar for ensuring that our student experience was rich and that our records were well managed and are safe; faculty members and the library staff for their academic support; the ICT staff for making us feel that, it is possible to work without papers and pens; the Finance and Administration Departments for standing firm to make sure we received the support that we needed; the laborers for making the learning environment clean and tidy; the restaurant staff for their delicious meals; the security personnel for guaranteeing our security at the campus, to mention but few

The faculty members are exceptional for their willingness and ambition to help students excel. They have taught us how to develop our careers, they made sure we got to this day, and many of them are here now to see our transition to the next part of our lives. We were real friends and of course, we will miss them a million times. We have changed each other’s lives and due to their efforts, we are better than before.

I hope all of us will achieve our highest potentials in our professions. We will secure great positions because of the drive, and vision that has been instilled in us by KTU faculty members.

We believe we are well equipped to achieve personal success and to become exemplary leaders of the future. Strong leadership requires ability, courage, resilience and support.

To my fellow graduates, we end up one glorious chapter of our lives and a new one will begin. New adventures, new friendships, new series of struggles but with the things we learned from KTU, let us step forward confidently towards the fulfillment of our dreams and aspirations.

Along the way, we may meet a lot of trials, but our burning desire to reach our goals will keep us from straying or giving up. Along the way were many uncertainties, but certain beacons of light will show us the right path to take.

Fellow graduates, please stand. . .

Let us thank God, therefore, for unceasing grace and guidance; our teachers, for their immeasurable dedication; our parents for their unconditional support all throughout these years; and our friends who walk along with us, side by side. Because of them, we were able to reach this endeavor. Because of them, we can truly say, “We made it!”

Let’s clap our hands for all of them.

Congratulations fellow graduates of the Class of 20l8, wherever we go and whatever we do, may we always be friends when we meet again.

Thank you very much.