We wish to announce for your information the call for research proposals for funding through the Applied Research Fund (ARF).

We are therefore calling on Research Teams at Departments/Faculties to submit Proposal(s) that seek to address or provide solution to problems of national interest for funding.

In addition, project originators are required to cost all the phases of the project implementation plan.

You are hereby requested to kindly adhere to the timelines and channels below:

Deadline for submission to Departments        –  26th October, 2018

Departmental Review Meeting                         –  31st October, 2018

Faculty Applied Research Unit Meeting         –  7th November, 2018

Submission of Proposals to DRI                       –  14th November, 2018

Please note that Teams in Administration are kindly expected to submit their proposals directly to DRI by 26th October, 2018.

Kindly download guidelines for the proposal or CCB101 for further enquiries.

Thank you.